Dental-ful informs the public as it brings oral health awareness to the attention of its audience by educating them about the strong relationship between oral disease and other serious health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, pregnancy complications, and respiratory disease. 



Dental-ful encourages positive and preventive actions which benefit the oral health of patients, such as: annual cleanings, routine examinations, and the implementation of new oral care habits



Dental-ful improves the lives of individuals, the compassion of communities and the value of businesses by connecting underserved and disadvantaged patients with compassionate dentists and suppliers. The dental treatments provided to patients are facilitated by the Supportful Foundation through their sponsors and this makes the experience wonderful for everyone involved. 


Dental-ful connects under served and disadvantage individuals with compassionate dentists and suppliers.



Patient Benefits

  • Receive proper dental treatments
  • Restore oral health
  • Become healthier overall
  • Feel more confident 
  • Gain appreciation for community involvement

Dentist Benefits

  • Receive restorations/supplies through the Supportful Foundation for treatments provided
  • Get exclusive supplier discounts 
  • Collect patient referrals from the Supportful Foundation 
  • Participate in special events, CE programs, and volunteering opportunities 
  • Increase business exposure and network 
  • Enhance and distinguish image in the community 
  • Gain renewed, internal strength, from your charitable efforts
  • Pay less tax due to tax-deductible discounts


















Connects charitable dentists and charitable dental suppliers in order to treat underserved and dis-advantaged patients














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